It’s All About How You Look At It


I’ve been writing for Upwork for or a bit over a month now and am very pleased. As of today, I’ve grossed over $600 writing web content for a woodworking website. I’m a former woodworking teacher and semi-professional woodworker, so I pitched for the gig and got it.

Yesterday, Upwork’s website was down, and folks were in an uproar about the crappy system and why were they paying SO much for a service that wasn’t dependable.

Paying for? How are we paying for it? There’s no subscription fee to use Upwork. Upwork only makes money when an Upworker makes money. Upwork takes a commission off of the gross paid to an Upworker.

Making less than $500 from a client, then Upwork get’s 20%. More than $500 and Uwork gets 10%.

Thing is, Upwork doesn’t get money unless the Upworker makes money.

And all those people were crying about how the system being down was losing them money. Me? I emailed my client about the situation.

Funny how folks aren’t pro-active in preparing for situations such as these.

Well, long story short, the system came back up. Life is good, but a lot of Upworkers think that I’m “Too New To Know,” and that some day I’ll be whining with them.

Nope! I don’t think so.

Upwork, you’re doing a great job. Keep it up. I appreciate the opportunity to use your platform, to make money, while sitting in my pajamas, just as I am while I’m tapping this out on my laptop, 330+ miles North of my home.

So, any situation, it’s all about how you look at it.

Until next time, Peace!!

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