Schindler Spews: Verbal Regurgitations (Too Short to Blog, but . . . . )

I’ve got ALL kinds of stuff running through my mind.  Some of it is good enough to blog about, some of it just has to be put “Out of My Mind,”  if you know what I mean.  That’s where this page comes in.  If you’re easily offended, I recommend you don’t “Open the Door.”  😀

“Perfect attendance only counts if you show up for every day of your life.”

“Do you know the difference between:  Mother and Mommy;  Father and Daddy?”

“You gotta be there, to catch the total impact of the situation, the moment it occurs.”

“I’ll ‘Pull the Punches’ long enough, but when truth is necessary, BAM!!!

“Life’s a bitch, and she’ll turn on you when you ain’t been right.  I know, I’ve got the bite marks to prove it.”

“It may not be perfect, or even polished, but I am doing something.”

“Still working on me, and I really appreciate the patience folks have for me.  I won’t ever be perfect, but I’m gonna be better.”

“I like to listen to people who talk the way I hear.  It makes it so much easier to follow the conversation.”

“Ever wished the work day would end quickly, or the weekend would hurry up and arrive? Don’t wish your life away, it’ll go by quick enough.”

“If you don’t truly respect, or appreciate, your significant other, then you might not deserve that person. Goes the other way around, too.”

From my friend, Emily Carter Hancock, “My life isn’t perfect and I’m glad it’s not, because how boring would that be?”

“Each person, at any moment, can change the course of his/her life;  just gotta want to bad enough.”

“It doesn’t take money to make money, but one’s money making more money is awesome.”

“Learning to Adult Ain’t No Joke.” – Kimber Fox

“I’m closer to the end than the beginning, I’m 56.”

What’s up?  “Blood Pressure, cost of living, taxation, crime rate, ceilings, the sky, birds and airplanes when they fly.”