A Few More of My Favorite Blogs


Here’s a follow-up to my earlier post Five of My Favorite Blogs.  I’m always looking for new information to absorb and figure others will be too.  I’m sure that you’ll find some of these, if not all, worthwhile.

Mrs. D Is Going Without

As Mrs. D puts it, “I used to be a boozy housewife. Now I’m not. I blog about my sobriety and run the community website ‘Living Sober’.”  Why am I including such a blog?  Well, my site is not all about money, it’s about a better life. I’ve had alcohol issues myself and look to others for ideas and support.  Mrs. D is one of my support resources. From her first month to now, Mrs. D tells it like it is to be an alcoholic and what it takes to get sober and stay sober.  Heck, Mrs. D’s even written a book!  It’s titled, wait. . . . Mrs. D is Going Without.  Yeah, I know, that was corny of me.

Money Nomad

Rob, is the founder of Money Nomad, and his goal is to teach folks how to make a living through freelancing, entrepreneurship, and remote work – helping them find the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Rob does this by sharing his own experiences, interviewing experts, and condensing hours of research into concise blog posts. Rob’s recent post Upwork 101: What Is Upwork and How Do I Get Started? resonates with me, as I’m retired, but still looking to stay busy with money making activities.  I’ve started a little freelance writing and this should help me build my career.

Cat Alford’s Blog

Although Cat’s formal background is in academia and American history, a life altering move to spend three years living in the Caribbean transformed her life and her career. After selling everything and buying a one-way ticket to Grenada, West Indies with her husband, Cat found herself deep in debt on a remote island with no job and no prospects. So, she began to write about her new, very budgeted life and her quest to earn an income with only a computer and an Internet connection (and okay, occasionally a piña colada on the beach too for inspiration.) Cat’s post 6 Hard Lessons I’ve Learned in 6 Years of Marriage is awesome.  Although there is some focus on money, there are good lessons on relationships.  It’s a good read!

I’m sorry there’s only three, but I just got home from a four-day trip to visit the kids.  There will be more to come.   How about your favorite blogs, what do you recommend?