My Little Mind is Amused by Little Things


Selena and I are up visiting the kids, and I’m sitting here playing on the inter-web.  The daughter, Tiff, just finished loading the dishwasher and cranked her up.  Immediately my attention is drawn to what sounds like chanting.

“What’s that?”  Both Selena and Tiff ask what I’m talking about.  “That sounds like chanting.  Is that the dishwasher?”  Sure enough, it is the dishwasher.  Funny how thinks happen like that.

So now that my attention is drawn to the sound, I had to figure out what was being said.  I listen intently for a bit, and finally, figure it out.  The “Crowd” in the dishwasher is singing “We Got Stuck Scrubbing Pots!”   Yeah, that’s how my mind works.

The dishwasher just kicked into round two, and now the “Crowd” is chanting, “We got stuck in here, scrubbing pots!”

Anybody else deal with a brain like this?


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