Books, Pamphlets and Other Stuff Worth Reading


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Financial Peace


Financial Peace Revisited tells of Dave’s story, and the developing of his financial plan, for successfully tackling personal finance issues.  Dave’s book is an easy read, that really provides some great strategies. I really recommend this to everyone who’s dealing with financial issues. Once I put many of Dave’s ideas into place, I quite losing sleep over money.

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The Total Money Makeover is Dave’s strategies for getting out of debt, saving, investing, and managing money.  It’s also an easy ready, with great ideas.  I don’t use the money envelopes, but I do follow other parts of his plan.

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Plan Your Prosperity clarified that retirement planning and investment planning, really aren’t exclusive.  Upon reading the book, and working with Klint at Fisher Investments, Selena and I realized that we were actually on the right track.

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Debunkery ‘Debunks’ numerous financial thoughts.  I have only begun reading this book, as of August 21, 2015.  Can’t tell you much about it, yet.

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Fischer-15-Minute-RETIREMENT-Guide   (Pamphlet, No Graphic) Available by contacting Fisher Investments, this pamphlet is a short but good read in regards to figuring out what one needs for retirement.  This really gave me the understanding of what we needed to do, and if we were doing it. We’re definitely on the right track, as we’ve both been retired since June of 2014.


Hustle Away Debt

Hustle Away Debt: Eliminate Your Debt by Making More Money  Although David Carlson’s book primarily focuses on chipping away debt, hustling can also provide extra money when debt is out of the picture.  I found Hustle Away Debt easy to read and very informative.

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