Making Marriage Work: Communication

“If you don’t truly appreciate, and respect, your significant other, then you probably don’t deserve that person.”

Thirty four + years of marriage, and Selena Schindler hasn’t killed me, yet. Oh, I’ve given her reason over the years, but luckily, she and I have both worked on making this relationship work.

We don’t always do the right things. Sometimes I give Selena the impression that I don’t care, or that I take for granted all that she does.

Sometimes, Selena has given me the impression that she doesn’t respect the good things that I’ve done, although her love shows it.

There is no Instruction Manual for an intimate relationship. One has to learn on the fly, BUT there are great resources out there that can help.

I’m currently reading Love and Respect, by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, and so far it’s a good read, and something that I will recommend.

I think the thing that has kept Selena and I together all these years, has been communication. Even arguing is communicating. I have a cousin that divorced years ago. She told me that she and her husband never fought.  That’s an indication that they didn’t communicate.

Constant arguing is not good, though, as it doesn’t bring forth problem solving and resolution.  Sometimes communicating is scary, sometimes it causes pain, but good communication leads to better understanding, and growth.

How about you?  How are you working on your relationships?