Education + ___________ = Success


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All the back to school hype got me thinking.

“Get a good education.”

“Get a good job.”

Education does not guarantee a good job. A good job does not guarantee success. So, the way I see it an education does not make a person successful. It might help, but it’s not THE thing.

I know a young lady who graduated at the top of her high school class, but years after leaving high school she still hasn’t finished her first degree. I have a friend who has multiple degrees, but was out of work for some time and thinking of going back for another degree. Why? What she really needed to do was land a job that fit one of her current degrees.

Thing is, most folks think that an education comes from the hallowed halls of schools and universities and will lead to finding sustainable work. Nope, not necessarily. One needs drive to go along with education to be successful.

Unfortunately, these days, the world is full of distractions.

There are hundreds more TV channels to choose from than when I was a kid in the ’60’s. Back then we had 4, 5, 8, and 13, and 13 sucked. Now, I have over 250 channels available from my satellite provider and that’s not including the add-on movie channels.

Oh, and cell phones. I chuckle at the people I see strolling around, zombi-like looking at their phones. How about video gaming? Yep, something else to pull one away from gaining knowledge. In short, there’re so many options that easily redirect folks from working to get further ahead in life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Successful author and blogger, David Carlson, of Young Adult Money, admitted the other day that he binge-watched a show last weekend. Now from following and visiting with David, he is driven. He crunches numbers at his 9-to-5, but he devotes most of his free time to his website, writing, consulting and Side Hustling. He’s educating folks, making a name for himself, and making money too.

I highly recommend that you check out Young Adult Money and his book Hustle Away Debt. Both are great resources. You can check out Hustle Away Debt through the Books, Pamphlets, and Other Stuff Worth Reading page.

J. Money of Budgets are Sexy and Rockstar Finance is another dude that is educated but realized that drive plus his education would move him further forward in life. J. Money is no longer in the 9-5 world as his endeavors have allowed him to be a stay at home dad. Thing about J., he works his butt off even without a “real” job. He doesn’t mind. It’s got him where he’s at and moving him forward.

Back to education.

Education is not always “book learning” presented by instructors in formal settings. Nope, one can educate themselves on any topic imaginable, and so easily with the internet! No operating hours. No need to put clothes on. No need for transportation. Access is there, as long as there’s a way to connect. Now days nobody can have an excuse for not learning skills that will help move them forward in life. It comes down to drive.

Drive, the answer to the equation in the title and one of the pieces to achieving success.

So, how far will your drive take you? Maybe it’s time to rev up the engine.