Financial Literacy Project in the Works: Money is not Taboo


A little over a year ago Towards Your Better Life was born. It was started with aspirations of following in Michael Hyatt’s footsteps in focusing on targeting anything that could help folks have a better life, thus Towards Your Better Life.

As a former teacher and counselor, I thought that’s how I would direct this site. Turns out I’ve found myself focusing more on Financial Literacy, and gravitating towards following other FL bloggers. So, most I’ve my posts have been money oriented.

I’ve found myself following folks like David Carlson of Young Adult Money, Melanie Lockhart of Dear Debt Blog, J. Money of Rockstar Finance and Budgets Are Sexy, Tonya of Budget and the Beach, Shannon McClay, Derek of Life and My Finances, and many others.

So, with so many FL resources out there, why am I throwing my hat in the ring? Well, once you check out those mentioned above, and many others, they’re what I call “Youngish.” Me, I’m oldish, weighing in at 56 years. I haven’t found resources targeting my age group.

With that said, Money is not Taboo is not going to focus only on oldish folks, but across the board. There’s many folks like me that are coming into FL later in life, and may younger folks that haven’t even begun the journey.

That’s the purpose of my change in focus. Money is not Taboo is going to be a resource to help folks find information and support in moving forward in their financial journey, no matter where they are starting from.

So, a new adventure is in the beginning and I’m excited about where it might lead folks, not just me.

Financial Literacy is important, so we’re going to do what we can to help others.

Keep your eyes open for: money-is-not-taboo-art-too