A Few More of My Favorite Blogs: Third in the Series

Blogging SitesBoy, am I spoiled!  Yeah, my wife will agree with that, but not for the reason that I’m writing this.  🙂  I’m spoiled because this Inter-Web thing allows me to tap into all kinds of great stuff, written by some pretty smart and talented people.

I’ve also gotten to get to “Chat” with some of them, via this technological marvel, AND it’s really cool to see that some veteran bloggers have read a few of my posts and commented positively.  I’m gonna keep plugging with this thing, as it’s One, fun and two, I’m helping others (I Hope), and three I’m learning a ton by writing and putting my posts together.

So, enough about me and my fun, let’s get on with some more great blogs.


The Wild Wong

I didn’t know about Kristin Wong’s older blog  Brokepedia, but I have had the pleasure of discovering her new site, The Wild Wong.  I discovered it through her post, Financial Independence: It’s Not About the Money which I discovered through David Carlson’s Young Adult Money.  As Kristin puts it, “I have a thing for exploration and a good story. I write things for a living, and here, I chronicle my adventures in freelancing, financial independence, and travel.”  I really like her way of writing; it’s easy to read, sounds personal and is entertaining as well as educating. The Wild Wong is another blog that I’ve subscribed to and I’m looking forward to her guide, “The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting $hit Done.”  Cracks me up!  That’s what I like about Kristin.  🙂

The Daily Positive

In this day and age, negativity is ALL around.  One can’t listen to the radio, turn on the TV, or surf the Inter-Web without suffering the barrage of bad stuff.  It’s refreshing to find a site that focuses on Positivity.  As posted on the website, “We hope our writings inspire you to live a life of purpose.” – The Daily Positive Team and they do just that.  I’m not sure who the founder is, but I’ve read a number of posts by Amanda Foust, and the contact email is to amandf@ . . . . , so I’m suspecting that Amanda is behind this site.  I really enjoyed her 5 Love Languages Series: Words of Affirmation, just one of several 5 Love Languages Series articles, as it’s a nice reminder of the importance of affirming words.  There’s lots of good reading at The Daily Positive, I’m positive about that.  Yep, Pun intended.  😀

Frugalwoods: Financial Independence and Simple Living

I discovered the Frugalwoods by hearing of Mrs. Frugalwoods on Financially Blonde founder Shannon McLay’s podcast, Martinis and Your Money.  The episode was Foolish Money Moves – Happy Hour Style and the ladies had me cracking up with their antics.  Don’t get me wrong, they still provided some great info, along with a ton of laughs. Speaking of laughs, you really need to check out the post How To Move With A Baby (Without Losing Your Stuff Or Your Sanity).  I love the part about Mrs. Frugalwoods’ rendition of Old McDonald.  🙂  Definitely another great blog.  Check it out!

Seth Godin’s Blog

Noted-author, Seth Godin, is different from many bloggers in that his posts are generally short, without embedded links, and cover a VARIETY of subjects.  Seth’s most recent post, Don’t tug on capes, share them, is about Shannon Weber, who makes capes for unsung heroes that she discovers.  The post is all of 94 words, but it’s a great read, as are all his posts.  For some short, but very interesting reads, check out Seth’s blog!

Goins, Writer Blog

Jeff Goins, the author of four books including the national best-seller, The Art of Workblogs to share his reflections on writing and life.  Jeff’s blog also features guest writers, so you’ll see variety in writer’s content and style.  The most recent post, “Why Most Aspiring Writers Are Doomed to Fail”, initially comes across as a downer.  How can it not with that title, especially if one, such as I, is an aspiring writer.  Well, fear not, Jeff clarifies his the title and in the long run shares some very good insight in becoming a good writer.  Jeff shares two things that a writer needs to do:

  1.  Connect with Your Calling
  2. Become a Gritty Writer

I’m not going to spill the beans by expounding on those two items.  You owe it to yourself to personally read the article.  You won’t be disappointed.

So, there’s five more favorite blogs.  Check them out, you’ll get a ton out of them.