Time to Fire Towards Your Better Life Back Up

So. I’ve let Towards Your Better Life set a spell. I think it’s time to get back to it. I’m figuring things out in managing a handful of websites, as well as the usual life stuff, and I’ve decided that there’s still work to do here, so here we go.

For me, I’ve gotten a handle on my drinking. I very seldom drink too much and I’ve gotten a handle on my emotions. I’m less agitated and anxious. I’m sleeping better and actually getting up early again, without an alarm clock.

Things are progressing at our place The SnK Wildlife Reserve, with us anticipating planting native grasses and wildflowers in the front 35 acres this week. This has been a year-long project and I’ll be glad to get it done.

Speaking of projects. I’ve been doing some woodworking, web editing for the Texas Bluebird Society, helping others build websites, and I just picked up a gig to build a site for a startup company.

Yep, I’m staying busy and I like it.

Selena and I just got back from a “Trike” ride into town for ice cream. Dang, it was hot but we weren’t in the sun long.

I’ve been out on the trike, Blu, and the two-wheeler, Butt, off and on over the weeks. Usually in the morning.

Don’t know if I posted that on December 23, 2016, I hopped on Butt, after a couple of drinks and took a ride. All was good until I stopped for a beer. I finished it and headed on down the road, still “Good.” Yeah, until I decided to see what it was like to ride Butt at 100mph.

We got up to 100 without any problems. Sh** hit the fan when I backed the throttle off. A front-end wobble kicked in that I couldn’t stop. It got so bad that Butt and I went down at about 80mph.

I was SO lucky. Only a couple of gashes which required stitches and a bunch of road rash and bruises.

Nope, I won’t be doing that again, that’s for sure.

Well, time to get back to work on projects.

Until next time, Peace!  Shin