Help a Fella Out, Raising Funds?

Assisting Others Emergency Fund

My name is Keith Schindler, and I’m a retired teacher and counselor.  I spent my career teaching, and helping, others, but in retirement I am looking at doing more.

Over the years I have had a number of former students, and other friends, who have suffered some tough times.  Currently, two of my former students have been battling medical issues, that have impacted them financially, as well as physically, and emotionally.

One young lady, Deanne, was recently involved in a car wreck, resulting in a back injury, several broken ribs and a punctured lung.  She is unable to work and is in need of money to pay her rent.

Personally, I’m not in a financial position to always help out, so I thought of raising funds to do so.  With that, I’m looking to raise an initial $1000.00 to help Deanne with her rent, with some in reserve for future assistance, to her or others in need, thus Assisting Others: Medical Fund.

A special bank account will be set up for these funds, and I, or another trustee, will ensure that the pay outs are made for actual needs.  In Deanne’s case, the payment would be made directly to her landlord.

As Deanne is in need of immediate assistance, the sooner the funds can be raised, the better.  Her rent, of $400, was due on the first.  Because of her loss of income, and medical expenses, she hasn’t been able to pay her rent.

Having peronally experienced medical, and financial, hardship, I know how it defeated it can make a person feel.  I want to help others through such situations, and hope that others might join me in doing so.

Any donation would be so greatly appreciated, even a dollar.  I have over 600 Facebook friends, and if each one donated a dollar, the fund would almost be at the initial goal.

So, if you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated; if not, your sharing the message would also be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for any assistance that you might be able to provide, Keith