More Money Than Month, or More Month Than Money?



Mine, and Selena’s, ’31 Model A Roadster Pickup, next to our Son’s ’65 Chrysler 300, at Pistons and Paint, 2015.

So, what does the picture above have to do with having more money than month?  What DOES having more money than month mean?

Even before I became a counselor, I tried to teach my kids, and my students, about making more money than was just needed to pay the bills.  Oh, paying the bills is fine, but when there’s only enough money to pay the bills, it’s surviving, not living.

Living is having enough money to pay the bills, and enjoy the non-necessities of life.  Me, I like “Toys,” toys such as those two pictured above.  Early in our marriage, my wife Selena, and I made only enough to pay the bills, sometimes not enough (More Month Than Money).  We were determined to do better than we were at that time, so we worked at improving our positive cash flow.

From the “Get Go” I knew that I was going to college.  In high school, and my first year in college, I’d worked in a factory and poured some concrete.  Both experiences were HOT.  That solidified the idea that I was going to get a degree, so that I could work in a controlled environment.

Selena did not go to college, but she made a point to make herself marketable in the general working world, where she spent almost 30 years in retail, before retiring early.  Despite not earning a college education, Selena still made sure that she obtained jobs that helped provide for the family, not always by the hourly wage, but by the benefits, for sure.

As we moved through life, we worked to keep our expenditures below our income.  In doing so, we were able to put money back for the future, as well as have some to spend on fun stuff.  There wasn’t much in the early years, but as we moved through life, I made extra money on the side, which really helped out.

For some time now, we’ve enjoyed More Money Than Month, which has allowed us to invest (Allowing some of our money to make money,) as well as buy some fun things and take little trips, here and there.  Having More Money Than Month is definitely the way to live.

If you’re not making enough money to make ends meet, or just enough, wouldn’t you like to have more?  Well, there are two ways to go about it, cut back on your spending, or make more money.  Most people don’t want to spend less, but that can amount to some serious savings.  We recently changed our phone plans, dropping our expenses about $80.00 a month.  That adds up a bit.  Cut some more costs and there’s some good money.

What if you really don’t have ways to reduce spending?  How about looking for ideas to bring in more money.  The best way might be to find out how to move into a better paying job, but if that’s not an option, or money is needed quickly, there are ways to earn more cash.  I young friend of mine donated Plasma while in college.  He routinely went in and made some spending money.

There are other ways out there, here’s a few links of ideas:

Those are from a quick Google search, and there are many more out there.

Having More Money Than Month is definitely better than having More Month Than Money.  What are you going to do to have less Month and more Money?