Still Working on Me

Good Morning Everybody!

It’s a Super Sunday morning, as I’ve woken up again.

Not the greatest of mornings, as once again, I had a bit too much whiskey last night.  Got a bit snippy with the guy from GVEC when I reported the power outage, too.  🙁

Fortunately, mornings like this are fewer and farther between.  I don’t drink like I used to.

Couple of years back, I drank EVERY day, from morning, until I staggered to bed, at night.  Worst thing though, I was ugly to folks, and it almost tore my family apart.  I’m better, but I did lose my patience with the power guy, last night when I reported our outage, and this morning I woke up a wash in guilt and feeling icky.

One of the worst things about mornings like this, I wake up through the night, with mini-anxiety attacks.  Worry myself awake.  No fun.

You’d think I’d quit drinking, with all the crap it brings on, but I hate the idea of giving up a good beer, wine, or beverage.  My family drinks, too, so getting together would change.

Well, I’m just going to have to keep working on it, working on me, getting better, getting a handle on things.

Well, one good thing, I haven’t gotten ugly with my wife in a LONG time.  So, I guess I’m doing some good.  Gonna have to hold on to that.

I know I”m not the only one dealing with issues, so all the best to everyone  who’s fighting demons.

May we find Peace.