Leave Your Mark

Joe, Larry and Eric

Joe, Larry and Eric; three really great guys.  Guys with a vision.  I’m honored to have met them.


Funny how things work.  This weekend I went to the Harvest Classic European and Vintage Motorcycle Rally, despite the rainy forecast.  Although the numbers were down, there was still tons of fun, and some new friendships made.

When I’m anticipating going to such an event, I usually expect to see some great bikes, enjoy some music and meet some new friends.  I don’t usually expect to find folks who want to do something to benefit others.  Remember these are “Bikers.”  😀

As this is the first time I’ve been to the Harvest Classic, I didn’t know the back story.  Turns out, this 13 year event was started by a founder who lost a child to cancer.  During that time the family was supported by the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance.  With that, the family decided to do something to give back to Candlelighters, thus the Harvest Classic was put together to raise money, and money it raises.  Those folks are Leaving Their Mark.

Where did Leave Your Mark come from, you might be thinking.  Well, while at the Harvest Classic, I spot this guy carrying a beer can with the image of Evil Knievel, popping a wheelie, on the side.  I had to ask him about it and we struck up a conversation.  Eric is his name.  Big, fun loving guy.

Turns out, Eric and two friends, Joe and Larry, have set up a motorcycle oriented web site, REVVS.com.  In meeting Eric, Joe and Larry, and talking with them, I learned that they wanted to promote camaraderie and fun.  Turns out, they also want to help, others.  I found that their merchandise profits also benefit the Candlelighters.

In looking through their web site, I found a link titled “Leave Your Mark,” and clicked on it.  (The link is located on the upper right corner.)  Upon reading the post on that page, I found the following, “. . . But as we were talking, one thing that I said was that at this point in my life, and my career, all I really wanted to do was to do something to leave my mark on the world.  To create something that might somehow make someone else’s life a little better, and to make a difference in the world in some small way. . . .”

” . . . If things were perfect, we’d hope that some day there is a Leave Your Mark Foundation, where we can work to offer help directly to those in need and make an even bigger impact on the world, and in essence leave an even bigger mark. But for now, we’ll start small and we’ll work very hard to help in any way that we can.  . . . “

WOW!!!  These young nuts are something else!  By looking at them, you’d think that they are simply young entrepreneurs, intent on making money, and a name for themselves.  You’d never know that they have hearts of gold with a need to help others.  I really admire them.  The world needs more folks like them.

“Leave Your Mark,”  I really like that.  I hope that you’ll check out the REVVS.com and read the Leave Your Mark page.  It tells so much more than I’ve relayed here.  I don’t do the guys justice.

So, how are you going to leave your mark?