From My Fren (Ahndria Ablett): 09.29.15


Good morning Facebook friends and family! How are you this beautiful Tuesday morning?

I had a great night last night. The reading of my book was a great experience (I was so terrified I was fighting the shakes).

I want you to know that even if there are troubling circumstances in your life, you can still find joy and excitement. I know that sometimes it’s hard to look past those issues, but here’s what I ask myself: Is it going to make a difference in this situation if I blow up and get angry, or sit down and cry for the whole day, or shut everyone out? If it won’t change the situation, find something to smile about, dust yourself off, and continue on.

Life won’t stop because you want it to. Everything has a season on the wheel of time. Sometimes it’s a change we want, sometimes it’s the change we need though we may not necessarily want it. Everything happens for a reason.

I’m learning this as my father is in the hospital receiving chemo treatments and now is diagnosed with pneumonia. It’s painful to know he’s there. It’s scary as well. But I can’t shut down and cry everyday about it, nor get angry over it. Those actions would do nothing for either of us.

It would worry him more to know I’m acting out my emotions like that and it could possibly put him in worse shape. It would also put more stress on my family life with the kids. He taught me this lesson to keep a level head. I’m living it through for him. I call him daily, tell him about what’s going on good on my end, and check on his progress. We’re good with that.

I pray that your day shows you the beauty that life is. If you don’t have anyone to tell you today: Good morning. You’re beautiful. I love you. I’ll talk to you later.